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Super Junior M Easy Magazine Interview

Q1: The first album had very good sales, are there plans for a new album?
Group: The plans for the second album haven’t been confirmed, because Super Junior will release their new album in Korea in March or April of next year, so the activities will have to be completed before preparing for M’s chinese album.

Q2: Recently, are there any plans for activities?
Group: We’ve received some invitations to award shows, and we want to hold some fanmeets in China.

Q3: Super Junior’s coming to Shanghai for a concert, what sort of exciting performance has M prepared for the night?
Group: We’ve preparing some surprising things, but it’s a secret, everyone will find out when they come to the concert.

Q4: Ever since the group debuted, you’ve spent long periods of time in China, Is there a difference in your initial and current impressions of China?
Group: Before [we] came to China, we had good feelings about it. Hangeng often told us about China, so [we] had a sense of familiarity. Are we came to China, the fans were all supportive, and at night we’d go out to see the scenery, which we felt was very pretty. Now we spend more time in China than Korea, so coming to China feels like we’re coming to our second home.

Q5. During this period of expanding in China, what was the thing that left SJ-M with the deepest impression?
Zhoumi: The other members have done activities in Korea, but I and Henry are new members, the fans were meeting us for the first time. Regardless of whether it was at the dormitory, at the airport or at activity venues, there would always be many fans there to see us. Regardless of their concern towards us individually or towards M, they gave us a lot of love, and this point makes me feel especially touched.

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120608 Ryeowook’s Cyworld Update

^^SJM Fanmeeting ~~!^^
Date: 2008-12-06
zhe ge yue .. you hen duo… hen duo ge you hui


shi hou hao hao wan a~!!~!~!~!

tianqi hen leng ~!~!~ duo chuan yi fu ~!

– 려욱 li xi**

~ ★

This month .. There are a lot… a lot of fan meetings.

When the time comes, be sure to have lots of fun~!!~!~!~!

The weather is very cold ~!~!~ Be sure to wear more clothes ~!

– Ryeowook Li Xu ~ ★

*typo, supposed to be dao, not da
**he made a typo in his Chinese name ^^

Original source:
Chinese translated by: &

AS;DKLFJDS, he’s so cute~! And lol, he typed his name wrong. Tut tut Wookie ^^”. I love it when they type their cyworlds in pinyin, it really shows how much effort they put into learning a new language ♥_____♥.

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SJM in Hong Kong

I know I’m a bit late with this news, but OH MY GOSH SUJU M’S GOING TO BE IN HK AND I’M NOT GOING TO BE THERE :((. The one year I’m actually free to go back for three whole months and I’m not allowed to. For those lucky fans who will be there, here’s the site with information about it: SJM in HK and a seating plan of the hall. I’m seriously jealous of my friend who is probably going to it. Ok, no more about it since I’m feeling rather depressed.

November 29, 2008 at 7:45 pm 1 comment

Why such posers, SJ-M?

So I went surfing around for some SJM photos to make myself feel better and it’s a good thing I did too, since I found such CRACKTASTIC photos of them. Jump shots

It took me awhile to figure this out, but in the first picture, Kyu and Hae are ‘jumping’ or rather, being ‘blown away’ by Hankyung. I love, love, LOVE the second photo. It’s captured the jumping at just the right time and gosh, I really like Kyu’s pose for some reason. Maybe it’s got something to do with the perfect timing of the photographer. Whoever it was, I’M DIGGING THE PHOTO A LOT ♥♥♥. The final photo was taken by Siwon, and the person ‘blowing’ the rest of the members is their manager, I think. Lol, the boys must have been bored, to have taken these photos. And it’s not like they can get the perfect shot straight away either, it must have taken awhile to get them. I can just imagine Siwon telling the members to pose over and over again until he obtained the best shot ^^.

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Shanghai Super Show: Fans chant ‘Only13’

I am getting really sick and tired at these so-called fans’ unacceptable behaviour. It’s unbelievable how people can be so deluded, to the point of hurting others. I’ve never supported the ‘Only13’ issue, purely because I know Henry and Zhou Mi are not a part of the original Super Junior group, but just part of the sub-group SJ-M. Here’s a video of ‘fans’ “protecting” their oppas.

I am absolutely disgusted by their behaviour. If they don’t like Zhou Mi or Henry, then why don’t they just sit quietly and not watch the performance. I’ve always disliked the ‘Only13’ campaign, but this time I just cannot stand it. To watch SJ-M performing happily to their ‘fans’ and suddenly hear “we will protect 13 members” is outrageous. Before me in the video, I see Zhou Mi performing, with a huge smile on his face to a group of people who do not want him on the stage. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so disgusted before towards the ‘Only13’ chants. And this is coming from someone who finds people feeling a bit emotional after reading their “oppa’s” cyworld a little queer. My reaction towards the video surprised even myself, since I normally ignore such childish acts like that.

But I shall end my rant. Besides the chanting, I thought the video was really cute. Their ‘Me’ dance is so adorable!

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SuJu H teases SJ-M

It was all out of love, of course. On an Arirang Showbiz Extra event, SuJu Happy had a backstage interview where Leader-sshi talked about SJ-M’s performance on the Awards Night in China. He exaggerated the situation, saying “7 members of Super Junior went to China Awards not me. When Super Junior M went up the stage to perform ‘U’, the music didn’t play immediately and so Super Junior M’s intro pose lasted for 10 minutes” and demonstrated the pose. Yesung just had to come SJ-M’s rescue, telling Leeteuk it wasn’t 10minutes, but only 8 minutes. LOL Yesung!! He just had to butt in, didn’t he xD?

I love how Leeteuk said the 7 members of Super Junior, it shows fans how the original members of Super Junior have accepted Zhou Mi and Henry. It’d be great if ELF will accept them soon too.

Oh, if anyone can find this video on Youtube, please kindly link me; I’d love to see Teukie’s pose ^^. And apparently, Kangin tried to smack him on the bum when he was in his pose. KANGTEUK~~

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More fancams from Shanghai Super Show

Gosh, SJM’s ‘Ai Ni, Ai Ni’ totally rocked. And Henry and Zhou Mi were awesome~


Henry had a solo performance with his violin and A;DSLKFJKS, how can people hate on him? He’s so talented!!

I’m not sure if Zhou Mi had a solo, but if he didn’t then LSM, WHY NOT? I don’t like how he seems overshadowed sometimes by the other members of SJM, even though I love all SuJu members to death. Henry is really talented with the violin, so he gets more attention, but Zhou Mi…T___T. Pay more attention to him. He’s such a smiley guy and has gone through so much; ZhouMi, Jia You ahhhh~

Ahem anyway, back to the Shanghai Super Show. Their ‘Mirror’ performance was fantastic, although I don’t think the fan who filmed the performance was sitting in that good of a seat lol.

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