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41st TVB Anniversay Award Ceremony

Ha Yu won TV King and Michelled Yim took the TV Queen title. Congrats to the both of them, especially so to Ha Yu. Can you believe that he’s been in the entertainment circle for FORTY years and this is his first time receiving this prestigious award? Gosh, I’m feeling so happy for him. As Ha Yu accepted his award, he said “I have waited for 40 years. I did a lot of movies and TV series. At last I have achieved what I have always wanted.” He also added in Mandarin, (Sa aunty’s golden phrase) “You say I can make it, I will make it. You say I won’t make it, than I won’t make it. I thank everyone who tells me I can make it.”

TAVIA WON THE BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS AWARD!! Go Tavia ^__^. I really believe her character in ‘Moonlight Resonance’ was her breakthrough role. Despite being in the entertainment circle for almost ten years, it’s kind of sad that she hasn’t had any other role as successful as ‘Ah Yuet’.

Wayne Lai received the “Best Supporting Actor Award” and Louise Lee took the “Most favourite Actress Award”. Raymond, who was also nominated for ‘TV King’ won the “ Award” and “Most Favourite Actor Award”. I feel bad for him, since I think he really wanted the ‘TV King’ award, but really, his awards show that he’s quite a popular actor (although I have no idea what the “ Award” is).

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The Four

OMGSHHHH I love this drama~ I’ve only started watching it recently but I just can’t seem to stop. I never thought I’d be this captivated by an ancient HK drama before; I mean I’ve watched others, but this one is just pure love ♥__________♥. Sammul Chan is more than just love; I absolutely adore his character. Maybe it’s because it’s different to some of the roles I’ve seen him portray, but I’m simply captivated by his character.

Kenneth Ma plays a cool character too; I’m really enjoying his acting. He’s come such a long way and improved so much. I especially like his interaction with Selena Li LOL. The two of them look really good together.

Raymond Lam is…*______*. I like his cool ‘heartless’ appearance, and yet it’s obvious he cares for those around him. The best part of his character IMO is that he’s a cripple, so he gets to perform all his cool moves in a wheelchair. And my does it look good.

I think out the four, Ron Ng seems to have the least screentime. I don’t know, but nine episodes into the drama, he’s yet to appear more and have more lines. Maybe it’s got something to do with his character’s personality; *shrugs*.

I definitely recommend this drama to anyone who is interested in action involving kungfu; ‘The Four’ is chock full of it. Plus, who can resist Kenneth+Selina pairing? XDD

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