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SuJu H teases SJ-M

It was all out of love, of course. On an Arirang Showbiz Extra event, SuJu Happy had a backstage interview where Leader-sshi talked about SJ-M’s performance on the Awards Night in China. He exaggerated the situation, saying “7 members of Super Junior went to China Awards not me. When Super Junior M went up the stage to perform ‘U’, the music didn’t play immediately and so Super Junior M’s intro pose lasted for 10 minutes” and demonstrated the pose. Yesung just had to come SJ-M’s rescue, telling Leeteuk it wasn’t 10minutes, but only 8 minutes. LOL Yesung!! He just had to butt in, didn’t he xD?

I love how Leeteuk said the 7 members of Super Junior, it shows fans how the original members of Super Junior have accepted Zhou Mi and Henry. It’d be great if ELF will accept them soon too.

Oh, if anyone can find this video on Youtube, please kindly link me; I’d love to see Teukie’s pose ^^. And apparently, Kangin tried to smack him on the bum when he was in his pose. KANGTEUK~~


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MKMF Music Video Awards

The 10th MKMF Music Video Awards will be held on November 15th, 2008 at 7 PM, Jamsil Indoor Stadium, Seoul. With their highly awaited comeback, it’s not a surprise that DBSK is in the lead with 164,977 votes (97%). Super Junior Happy is second, with a huge difference in votes, having only 1,476 votes (0.98%). I had heard somewhere that ELF weren’t going to vote for SuJu-H, since SM has ‘broken up’ SuJu into sub-groups this year, rather than working together as thirteen members. Hopefully, overseas ELF will vote more for SuJu-H, even though they won’t be attending the awards. As much as I love DBSK as well, SuJu was my first love, and led me into the world of KPop =).

The other candidates for the award are:

1. Big Bang – Day By Day
2. Epik High – One
3. Girls’ Generation – Kissing You
4. Lee Hyo Ri – U Go Girl
5. MC Mong – Circus
6. SG Wannabe – LaLaLa
7. SS501 – A Song Calling For You
8. Super Junior Happy – Cooking? Cooking!
9. TVXQ – Mirotic
10. Wonder Girls – So Hot

To vote, click HERE. You can only vote three times per day, and each time for a different group. Online voting closes on November 14th, 2008 at 6 PM.

So what are you waiting for? Vote for SuJu-Happy! ^___^

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