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Wonder Girls at Golden Disk Awards

I’m not exactly a big fan of them, but I did enjoy this performance of ‘Nobody’.

Sun Ye – Jazz Live Band
Sun Mi – Pop
So Hee – Club
Ye Eun – RnB
Yoo Bin – Rap

Credits to wondersmurf

It was quite a refreshing performance, different to what they normally do anyway. Although I wouldn’t recommend they do it again; once is enough to draw attention, twice just seems overdone to me =/. Yoobin’s part was the best in my opinion. It’s got nothing to do with bias, of course xD.


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MKMF Music Video Awards

The 10th MKMF Music Video Awards will be held on November 15th, 2008 at 7 PM, Jamsil Indoor Stadium, Seoul. With their highly awaited comeback, it’s not a surprise that DBSK is in the lead with 164,977 votes (97%). Super Junior Happy is second, with a huge difference in votes, having only 1,476 votes (0.98%). I had heard somewhere that ELF weren’t going to vote for SuJu-H, since SM has ‘broken up’ SuJu into sub-groups this year, rather than working together as thirteen members. Hopefully, overseas ELF will vote more for SuJu-H, even though they won’t be attending the awards. As much as I love DBSK as well, SuJu was my first love, and led me into the world of KPop =).

The other candidates for the award are:

1. Big Bang – Day By Day
2. Epik High – One
3. Girls’ Generation – Kissing You
4. Lee Hyo Ri – U Go Girl
5. MC Mong – Circus
6. SG Wannabe – LaLaLa
7. SS501 – A Song Calling For You
8. Super Junior Happy – Cooking? Cooking!
9. TVXQ – Mirotic
10. Wonder Girls – So Hot

To vote, click HERE. You can only vote three times per day, and each time for a different group. Online voting closes on November 14th, 2008 at 6 PM.

So what are you waiting for? Vote for SuJu-Happy! ^___^

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