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Korean Hana Yori Dango

The official posters are out!

Korean HYD

Korean HYD2

Hyunjoong is looking good in the posters *_____________*. I can’t wait until it comes out; it’s going to air after The World That They Live In, which ends in two weeks. Any subbers out there who will be willing to sub this drama?

Gosh Hyunjoong is pure love ♥♥♥♥. Ever since I started following the ‘Lettuce Couple’ from We Got Married, I’ve fallen in love with his humourous personality. Him and Hwangbo make a great couple ♥♥.


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SS501 Kim HyunJoong Busy as an Actor

Credits : newsen + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

SS501 Kim HyunJoong has been leading busy days as an actor instead of a singer.

Kim HyunJoong participated in the filming of KBS 2TV new drama ‘Boys over Flowers’ since the beginning of November. Time is tight as he holds an important role for the drama with his first acting experience (note : this isn’t his first though…). And as they will be going overseas for filming very soon, Kim HyunJoong has been living his life busily as an actor instead of a singer.

His business is beyond comprehension as Kim HyunJoong is still scheduled to be on MBC ‘We Got Married’.

Kim HyunJoong’s company DSP Entertainment said on the 10th “He went for filming from last week onwards. The filming schedule is very tight but he is able to complete them. And especially because it is Kim HyunJoong’s first acting, there are more or less some things that is difficult for him. He is now in the learning stage.”

He also said “They will be going to Macau for overseas filming very soon, so seems like he will be even busier in the future. He is concurrently taking acting lessons, he has been living day by day to the fullest.”

He added “Kim HyunJoong has been acting passionately for the drama. We check on his health condition before getting him started on his schedule.”

I do hope he gets enough rest =/. With all the filming he has to do, I doubt he’s getting much sleep. HyunJoong HWAITING. The Korean HYD better do well, but I’m not so sure anymore, what with all the changes to the original storyline. I guess it’s a nice refreshing change from HYD and Meteor Garden; I really hope it’s not going to put people off it. I’ll continue to support HyunJoong, ALWAYS =).

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Hyunjoong: “Almost got sold to China before debut”

“Ssangchu couple” SS501 Kim HyunJoong “was almost sold to China when he was with his previous company” and revealed anecdote of him prior to debut.

During the recent interview with IS, replying to the question “When is the time that you’ve gotten into a worst situation till date?”, he replied “I was partially forced to go to China, if I had went, I will not be able to do this interview now.”

He continued “Before being selected as a member of SS501, I was with a new set-up company as a member of a 5-member group. Even though we practiced, but it didn’t work out to debut. So one day, CEO gave us air tickets and said ‘It’s difficult and not possible to do it in Korea. Let’s go to China.’ And took away our hopes.”

At that time, the CEO of that company said that he is going to come up with a huge hanryu project group, but Kim HyunJoong and the other members found this “impossible” and firmly refused.

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