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Korean Hana Yori Dango

The official posters are out!

Korean HYD

Korean HYD2

Hyunjoong is looking good in the posters *_____________*. I can’t wait until it comes out; it’s going to air after The World That They Live In, which ends in two weeks. Any subbers out there who will be willing to sub this drama?

Gosh Hyunjoong is pure love ♥♥♥♥. Ever since I started following the ‘Lettuce Couple’ from We Got Married, I’ve fallen in love with his humourous personality. Him and Hwangbo make a great couple ♥♥.


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Family Outing: Chun Hee washing radish with soap XD

OH. MY. GOSH. I’m seriously dying a million deaths right now. Reading about him doing it was one thing, but to actually watch it happening right in front of me is pure HILARITY.

A;DSLKFJSADLKJF, I AM DYING FROM LACK OF BREATH. Chun Hee is killing me with his queer antics XDDD. Gosh, I love this show to bits.

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Super Junior M Easy Magazine Interview

Q1: The first album had very good sales, are there plans for a new album?
Group: The plans for the second album haven’t been confirmed, because Super Junior will release their new album in Korea in March or April of next year, so the activities will have to be completed before preparing for M’s chinese album.

Q2: Recently, are there any plans for activities?
Group: We’ve received some invitations to award shows, and we want to hold some fanmeets in China.

Q3: Super Junior’s coming to Shanghai for a concert, what sort of exciting performance has M prepared for the night?
Group: We’ve preparing some surprising things, but it’s a secret, everyone will find out when they come to the concert.

Q4: Ever since the group debuted, you’ve spent long periods of time in China, Is there a difference in your initial and current impressions of China?
Group: Before [we] came to China, we had good feelings about it. Hangeng often told us about China, so [we] had a sense of familiarity. Are we came to China, the fans were all supportive, and at night we’d go out to see the scenery, which we felt was very pretty. Now we spend more time in China than Korea, so coming to China feels like we’re coming to our second home.

Q5. During this period of expanding in China, what was the thing that left SJ-M with the deepest impression?
Zhoumi: The other members have done activities in Korea, but I and Henry are new members, the fans were meeting us for the first time. Regardless of whether it was at the dormitory, at the airport or at activity venues, there would always be many fans there to see us. Regardless of their concern towards us individually or towards M, they gave us a lot of love, and this point makes me feel especially touched.

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Eunhyuk singing Hyori’s U Go Girl

As;dlfkjsd;lkfsj, this is just hilarious xD.

I love how Teukie sang the male part in the beginning, but he kind of gave up towards the middle lol. But gosh, Hyukie~♥♥♥ His faily attempt at singing in Hyori’s voice range is too cute! At least he decided to change and sing in his falsetto (? I’m not sure if that’s at you call it) voice half way through, and he sounded more on key xDD.

I don’t know the second song but OMGSHHHH TEUKIE’S FACIAL EXPRESSIONG AND VOICE WHEN HE SANG “LOVING YOU” IS KILLING ME!!! ADSFKJS;LADK, WHY SO CUTE ANGEL TEUKIE *______*? He almost looks like he’s pouting, or maybe it’s just me lol.

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Wonder Girls at Golden Disk Awards

I’m not exactly a big fan of them, but I did enjoy this performance of ‘Nobody’.

Sun Ye – Jazz Live Band
Sun Mi – Pop
So Hee – Club
Ye Eun – RnB
Yoo Bin – Rap

Credits to wondersmurf

It was quite a refreshing performance, different to what they normally do anyway. Although I wouldn’t recommend they do it again; once is enough to draw attention, twice just seems overdone to me =/. Yoobin’s part was the best in my opinion. It’s got nothing to do with bias, of course xD.

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MIROTIC: Clean version

Oh, it’s clean alright. After changing a whopping amount of TWO lines in the song. Gosh Korea’s Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs is certainly quite on the look out for the well being of Korea’s teenagers. Except I don’t understand how they can be  ‘looking after’ the younger generation, when their minds seem to be just as corrupted =/.

Anyway, here’s a part of the new version of MIROTIC.

According to the uploader of the song, these two lines were changed:

under my skin → under my sky
너를 가졌어 → 너를 택했어 (Yunho’s rap part)

A grand total of THREE words were altered. Or rather, one word and two Korean characters. What a waste of DBSK’s time. They do run on a tight schedule after all; flying to and from Japan and not to mention Jae’s drama. Please, the Ministry needs to be considerate of Korea’s artists, or they’ll run out of lyrics to reform soon.

Lol, you can tell I’m not happy with the changing of the lyrics. Actually, I didn’t mind at first because I just thought the whole thing was ridiculous, but that was until I realised just how much of the song was changed. Why make a big deal out of such a small thing?

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2008 Golden Disk Award


– Disk: Dong Bang Shin Ki
– Digital: Jewelry

– Disk: Dong Bang Shin Ki, Kim Dong Ryul, SG Wannabe, Rain, Brown Eyes, ShinHwa
– Digital: MC Mong, Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry, WonderGirls

YEPP NewComer Award
– Disk: SHINee
– Digital: Davichi

YEPP Popularity Award
– Disk: Son Ho Young, Dong Bang Shin Ki
– Digital: FT Island, SNSD TaeYeon

Trot Award
– Digital: Jang Yoon Jeong

Rock Award
– Disk: Nell

Special Achievement Award
– Kim Changwan

New Trend Award
– Kim Jong Wook

Producer Award
Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment

Credits: kbites

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