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Band of Brothers: Episode One


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The show begins with the four of them in a car, with Kangin driving. Heechul randomly sings and is told that he’s noisy LOL. The next part just shows them sitting in a room and organising what each person has to do. Inititally, I thought this part would be boring, but with Heechul there, how can anything be boring ^_____^”? Heechul starts assigning jobs for each person, Jungmo playing the guitar, Jay singing, then starts saying how he USED to be good looking but now that he’s older…he looks different? LOL! Kangin comes up with a great ‘job’ for Heechul; cussing! Haha, they now each other too well. So now Kangin’s the only one without anything to do. He says with the utmost confidence that he’ll do arm-wrestling. Does this remind anyone of EHB ^^?

Jungmo starts playing the guitar with Heechul singing along and ask;ldkjfd, why does Heechul crack me up all the time? His ‘bang-ah’ is absolutely hilarious ♥________♥. After his impromptu, there’s silence and you see … running along the bottom of the screen. Kangin sighs and says Heechul’s only good at looking pretty (KangChulness!) and somehow the conversation turns to how Heechul used to look handsome, but since he’s become older, he’s not as good looking anymore. Haha, vain much Heechul? Heechul then comes up and says that although he’s gotten older, Kangin’s gotten fatter. Sounds kind of slack, but since it was Heechul who said it, it’s just pure hilarity, espcially since Kangin puts his hand over Heechul’s mouth to stop him from talking anymore lol.

Jay has his turn at singing, but hardly gets two words out of his mouth before cracking up. GUH, Heechul’s laugh is just ♥♥. Jungmo then starts playing the chords to SuJu’s ‘U’ and Kangin makes fun of Heechul’s mistake in the song LOL. The two of them are just hilarious.

They’re all asked to change their clothes, and while Heechul’s in the middle of changing, this girl appears and wants to ‘help’ him change LOOOOL. It looked kind of staged to me, but I don’t think the guys knew about it..? They then got to eat the Beatle members’ favourite food. And lol, why does everything seem to happen to Heechul? Since there was no record of Ringo’s favourite food, Heechul didn’t get to eat anything haha.

The boys start practicing some of The Beatles’ songs, and although I was never into the Trax, I think this show might just change my mind. Gosh Jay sounds nice when he sings like two lines from ‘Let it Be’ *________*. They then head off to film an mv, where they worry that the don’t know any of the lyrics to the song lol. It all turned out great in the end.


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