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Leeteuk, Yesung and Eunhyuk support Kangin too

Oops, my bad. I didn’t realise that some Super Junior members also went to the ‘Soonjung Manhwa’s’ Premier.Eunhyuk at premier

Ahhh Hyukie why so cute? I want to hug and squish him right now. Totally love the hat he’s wearing♥.

Leeteuk at premier

Bow ties are to die for~ And on Teukie just makes it that much more appealing *________*.

Yesung at premier

Yesung ♥____♥. I swear he looks like Lee Junki in that photo. So pretty~~


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DBSK supporting Kangin’s movie!

Both Junsu and Changmin attended the premier of “Soonjung Manhwa”, the movie Kangin participated in. Asd;lfkjds, DBSJ love♥♥. Wow, they have time on their hands to watch movies? Not that I’m complaining; the boys need rest =). And if it involves supporting fellow donsaengs, then all the better!

Junsu + Changmin

They’re looking good *_______*. Changmin is looking so..manly and I love the coat and scarf♥. Junsu button up your shirt, you’ll catch a cold XDD. Wait, never mind, you look too sexy the way you’re wearing the shirt. They’re both dressed all in black though…hmm coincidence?

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Kangin: Soonjung Manhwa

More news about this movie~ It’ll be airing on November 27th, in Korea that is, so I guess it’ll be quite some time before this movie will be subbed and on the net. I’m not really into Korean movies, but perhaps this one will change my mind. Afterall, KANGIN is going to be in it, taking part in an older-woman-younger-man relationship. Really, was this type of relationship that popular before SHINee debuted? Or maybe I’m just paying more attention to these sorts of things now.

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Kangin’s new movie

Kangin’s movie “Romantic Comedy” is based on a Korean manhwa called “Simple Manhwa” which was a hit in Korea, averaging 2 million views per day.

Doesn’t Kangin look cute in the poster ^^”? I love how when he smiles, his eyes become so squinty and happy-looking. Someone sub this movie please when it comes out =).

Source: ladyshin999

Credits: sjmarket

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