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Interesting facts about Donghae

1. A crybaby, soft hearted and thinks a lot.

2. Keeps his savings in a water dispenser bottle (LOL, does this remind anyone or Yunho? xD)

3. If someone tells him he’s short, he’ll definitely go online and search for ways to grow taller and drinks only milk and soy milk.

4. He’ll turn into a beast if he’s on stage performing ‘U’. When he had eye contact with the members, they thought that his stares were inhumane like.

5. He used to play at the public bath house with his friends, using the bathhouse like a swimming pool, thus making all the ahjusshi’s angry.

6. If he has a girlfriend, he’ll like to give her a tour of his hometown, Mokpo, and let her know the place he grew up in.

7. Before he debuted, he was afraid of taking the aeroplane, so he never went to any of the 3 school trips to Jeju Island during high school.

8. Is sensitive to his surroundings, and so will not be able to fall asleep for the whole night if he is sleeping somewhere other than home. It’s because he feels insecure when he does not see anything familiar to him in the surrounding.

9. He left a message titled “ELF I LOVE YOU” in the fancafe and Sungmin called him and told him he got the title wrong. Hae had typed LOVE as LVOE and he was really embarrassed.

10. When Kibum first came to Korea, Donghae was the 1st person to hug him and welcom him.

11. When he was small, he plaed games with his friend that required them to be divided into groups. Which ever group he was in, they would always lose.

12. He promised his father that he would not drink alcohol under any circumstances.

13. No matter how much he eats, he will not gain fat. Whenever he feels like he has gained a bit of weight, he will exercise, and the first place to slim down is his face.

14. Dislikes pink a lot because opposite his bed is Sungmin’s wardrobe and it’s full of pink clothes, dolls, pillow, bags and shoes.

Credits: *-melon` and carolynx (I’m not sure from where, but I’m assuming it’s from soompi)

LOL at no. 14! I never knew Sungmin was such a pink fanatic.


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SuJu’s English

Remember SuJu Fullhouse? Remember all the cracktastic English they learnt during the three months spent with Anya and Eva? So while we’re all waiting eagerly for their third album to be released and amaze us, why don’t we recall the hilarious scenes from SuJu Fullhouse, their songs + other shows which showed their fail English xDD?

Some prominent ones I remember will of course be Heechul’s famous “This. Is. CeeDee.” ^______^ Gosh, the way he said it is just full of crack. I love how sometimes when I hear people speak , it makes me think of SuJu and their ‘Engrish’. Like when I’m asked to listen to a song and I like it, it reminds me of Kibum in SuJu Fullhouse when he said to Donghae, “I like that song.”

One line which always sticks in my head is Kibum’s line in ‘L.O.V.E’, where he says in the beginning and end, “I don’t think so, we have to spread our LOVE.” It’s a standing joke between my brother and I, whenever he says it, I’d burst out into ‘L.O.V.E’~~ XP

So share some of your encounters with SuJu’s English. The more I think about it, the more I want to laugh. I always knew there was a reason behind my obsession with this bunch of dorky boys men.

Here’s a few to start off~

Heechul: “This. Is. CeeDee.”
Heechul: “Soul in my eye.” (I LOVE this one ♥♥)
Eunhyuk: “Nice weather.”
Donghae: “Nicholas Cage.”
Kibum: “I like that song.”

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SJM in Hong Kong

I know I’m a bit late with this news, but OH MY GOSH SUJU M’S GOING TO BE IN HK AND I’M NOT GOING TO BE THERE :((. The one year I’m actually free to go back for three whole months and I’m not allowed to. For those lucky fans who will be there, here’s the site with information about it: SJM in HK and a seating plan of the hall. I’m seriously jealous of my friend who is probably going to it. Ok, no more about it since I’m feeling rather depressed.

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Why such posers, SJ-M?

So I went surfing around for some SJM photos to make myself feel better and it’s a good thing I did too, since I found such CRACKTASTIC photos of them. Jump shots

It took me awhile to figure this out, but in the first picture, Kyu and Hae are ‘jumping’ or rather, being ‘blown away’ by Hankyung. I love, love, LOVE the second photo. It’s captured the jumping at just the right time and gosh, I really like Kyu’s pose for some reason. Maybe it’s got something to do with the perfect timing of the photographer. Whoever it was, I’M DIGGING THE PHOTO A LOT ♥♥♥. The final photo was taken by Siwon, and the person ‘blowing’ the rest of the members is their manager, I think. Lol, the boys must have been bored, to have taken these photos. And it’s not like they can get the perfect shot straight away either, it must have taken awhile to get them. I can just imagine Siwon telling the members to pose over and over again until he obtained the best shot ^^.

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Super Junior: Don’t Don Relay Talk

I know this is actually quite old; well, a year old anyway. But I just had this urge to rewatch their relay talk, especially to see how much they’ve grown together this past year or so.

The relay talk begins with Eunhyuk talking about Yesung and I just love how he praises Yesung to be such a caring person ^____^. Yesung is such an awesome hyung, to the point where he gives advices which seems to come from a father LOL.

The message that Eunhyuk wrote for Yesung reminded me of the last episode of EHB, where Yesung said that the ‘best dancers’ of SuJu were grouped together, i.e. Yesung, Eunhyuk and Shindong. I’m not sure if that was filmed before or after this relay talk.


Yesung talks about Shindong and I love the way he refers to him; ‘Dong Dong Dong Shindong’~~So cute♥!


Shindong then talks about Sungmin. The two of them are such good friends~

Lol at Sungmin moving closer to hear what Shindong is saying and then nodding when he hears good things being said about him ^_____^.

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Shanghai Super Show!!!

First thing I did after I turned on the computer was to go onto Youtube and see if there were fancams on the Shanghai Super Show. And to my utmost excitement, there were~!! I’ve only watched three videos, since my internet is dying at the moment and it’s really slow -____-. It’s not stopping from spazzing over SuJu’s hotness though. SJ-M’s ‘Me’ is hot hot HOT. From what I heard, I don’t they were singing live ><. Damn, I want to hear them singing in Chinese LIVE. Take a look at the video.

They are soo good looking *__________*. I know I’ve already spazzed about their short hair, but gosh, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! It’s such a refreshing sight from their normally long hair and I am just so in love with it.

I like their ‘You’re my Endless Love’ + ‘Dancing Out’ performance too.

One thing I don’t like is how SM just recycled the videos from their Seoul performances. The rollercoaster video was funny the first time, but to use it again for the Shanghai concert…I guess the boys have been busy too, so they didn’t have time to film another set of videos. Still, it would have been a nice change.

I swear, I’m going to die when I hear them speak Chinese. I hope SM releases a DVD for this Super Show too. I’m so buying it if it happens. Super Junior + Chinese  = HILARITY (with a few exceptions, of course).

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DBSJ: Interesting facts

1. Kim Heechul and U-KNOW Yunho

When ‘Cinderella’Kim Heechul entered SM Entertainment, he was arranged to live in the same hostel room with U-KNOW Yunho from TVfXQ!. These boys, who were still very young, soon became very close with each other. At that time, Heechul had very short hair, his skin was tanned, and he looked very experienced and capable. In fact, the clothes which he wore were not bright, emphasizing on dimmer colours. Imagining Heechul acting like is indeed beyond our capability the image is absolutely opposite to people’s perception of him. Nowadays, Heechul is as pretty as a princess and he is famous for having an addiction to dress strangely. The truth is that Heechul should thank U-KNOW Yunho. During the SM Training days, U-KNOW Yunho was not that tall – around the same height as Heechul. U-KNOW Yunho has always been very simple person and he thinks that there should never be any misgivings between men. Hence, he naturally began to wear Heechul’s clothes. Despite countless warning given by Heechul, there was still no progress and thus, Heechul began to buy more colourful, attractive clothing whenever he shopped. Gradually, U-KNOW Yunho stopped to wear Heechul’s clothes. Nevertheless, there was another factor – U-KNOW Yunho was growing taller and he could not fit into Heechul’s clothes. Thanks to this incident, Heechul has found his true-clothing style.

2. Eeteuk, Eunhyuk and Xiah Junsu

Back then, Super Junior leader, Eeteuk, powerful dancer, Eunhyuk and TVfXQ! member, Xiah Junsu, lived close to each other and so, every time after practice, they would go home together. Eunhyuk and Xiah Junsu are very open and straightforward people. They would often blackmail the eldest and Eeteuk, being the patient and kind brother, would always try his best to satisfy these two younger brothers. In fact, if there was a request, Eeteuk would definitely fulfil it! Whatever the younger brothers wanted to eat, he would agree to it; whatever they wanted to play, he would pay the bills .As an older brother, his job is to take care for the younger brothers. Finally, there was one time when Eunhyuk and Xiah Junsu played so much to the extent where Eeteuk had no money to pay for the subway tickets. These three mischievous boys immediately thought of an idea. They bought two tickets and using the convenience of their small, skinny body, they managed to escape ticket inspection. Nowadays, where they no longer have the opportunity to ride on public transports, this is a very unforgettable memory to them.

3. Super Junior shows support for TVfXQ!

On Boxing Day 2003, it was the day when TVfXQ! performed for the first time on a TV station. After many years of training, the TVfXQ! members could finally debut smoothly and every single one of them was extremely nervous and excited. Not only did they share their happiness with each other, but the Super Junior boys were also involved. On the 26th of December, the people sitting in front of the TV in the TVfXQ! hostel were not TVfXQ! but instead, they were the Super Junior members -Heehchul, Eunhyuk, Donghae and etc. Before TVfXQ! appeared on stage, the boys called everybody they knew including their friends and relatives to watch and enjoy TVfXQ!’s first performance. Although TVfXQ! now handles such situations with maturity and talents; however, at that point in time, they were clenching with anxiety. Xiah Junsu even accidentally slipped on man-made snow flakes.

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