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Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.31

Purely because I’m glad that Teukie finally seems to have stopped ’emo-ing’, here’s a link to his cyworld entry; CLICK HERE. He’s excited for their upcoming Super Show Concert in China and gosh I really hope people can just be glad they’re actually getting a concert rather than trying to petition or whatever for an ‘Only13’ concert -________-“”. If they think it’s unfair, then what about the fans from overseas who may never actually attend a SuJu concert? Their way of thinking really gets on my nerve ><. Besides that, it’s great to see that Leeteuk is feeling happier~


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DBSK filming MBC’s “Introducing Stars’ Friends”

Junsu is apparently helping his older twin to look for a girlfriend and filmed MBC’s Introducing Stars’ Friends on October 29th. Asdjklfld, that’s so cute ^____^. I love how they have such great brotherly love for each other. Their appearance on “Come to Play” kind of emphasised this; the members saying how even though they were in Japan, he still played games with his brother on the internet lol. (If you haven’t already watched it, then click HERE for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7. Thanks to mickeytoho for subbing.)

During the filming, Junsu was seen to be fussing over his brother’s appearance subconciously. Junsu, I love how you care for you brother so much~ Mickey and Yunho were there as well, trying to matchmake their friends. Some one please sub this when it comes out. I think it’s going to  be aired sometime in November.

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Lee Junki in a new drama

Asjkdlfsjd, I LOVED him in ‘My Girl’ ♥♥. Although he hasn’t signed the contract yet, it has already been confirmed he will take part in this new drama. In the drama, he plays the role of a violent man. Oooh, I can’t wait, it’d be a nice change from what I’ve seen of his acting from ‘My Girl’. Here’s a brief synopsis of the drama:

The drama currently titled “The Story of Men“, talks about how a man causes the collapse of a huge multinational corporation. Writer Song Ji Na had mentioned briefly about the plot of “The Story of Men” on her blog after she finished “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi”. She said: “I have always wanted to write a story about a violent man. And I now wish to make them the focus of my story.”

Source: hanfever

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Hyunjoong: “Almost got sold to China before debut”

“Ssangchu couple” SS501 Kim HyunJoong “was almost sold to China when he was with his previous company” and revealed anecdote of him prior to debut.

During the recent interview with IS, replying to the question “When is the time that you’ve gotten into a worst situation till date?”, he replied “I was partially forced to go to China, if I had went, I will not be able to do this interview now.”

He continued “Before being selected as a member of SS501, I was with a new set-up company as a member of a 5-member group. Even though we practiced, but it didn’t work out to debut. So one day, CEO gave us air tickets and said ‘It’s difficult and not possible to do it in Korea. Let’s go to China.’ And took away our hopes.”

At that time, the CEO of that company said that he is going to come up with a huge hanryu project group, but Kim HyunJoong and the other members found this “impossible” and firmly refused.

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DBSK: most popular artists of October

WOOHOOO!! XD The boys have been once again, won the Mutizen award for the 3rd time and in THREE CONSECUTIVE WEEKS. Gosh, they deserve this so much, and to top it off, they also won ‘the most popular of the month’ award. Asdjkdfldj I’m really happy that they won it (although I don’t know how they could not have won it, considering the number of Casseopians LOL).

Congrats to the Dong Bang Shin Ki boys, or if you must, MEN.

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Are you compatible with your idol?

Yesterday, my friend showed me this ‘relationship game’ (for lack of better name let us just deal with this lame one) where you calculate the probability of you and the person you like ending up in a relationship. I’m not sure if this is a well known ‘game’ or what, since I only learnt of it yesterday and the fact that I hardly come out of my shell doesn’t help, so hopefully I didn’t draw your attention for absolutely no reason.

First off, before I describe how the ‘game’ works I’d just like to say that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO I BELIEVE THIS WORKS, so don’t comment and tell me that I’m retarded or stupid, because I’m only doing this FOR FUN. Whatever the result, I know I won’t end up with any of the people I choose, the biggest reason being that I’ll probably never see these people in real life.

Ok, so here’s how it works. You write down your name, then underneath it write ‘likes’ and obviously under that you write who you like. Now, you calculate the number of letters that appear in ‘likes’ which also appears in either name (working backwards from ‘s’, then ‘e’, and so on. I have no idea why you have to work backwards, that’s just the way I was taught). After that, you keep on adding in between the numbers, until you get a two digit number. That number is the percentage of the two people ending up in a relationship.

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SuJu-H: !Fail English

I was surfing Youtube and came acros this video of Supy advertising SM’s Global Audtion and ASD;LKJDFJD, I LOVE THEIR !FAILY ENGLISH *_______*.

I keep on replaying from 0.19 to hear Eunhyuk’s “SM EN-TOR-TAIN-MUNT Audition”. The other members are laughing at his queer prounounciation LOL. And as;ldkjdfjf, Sungmin speaks English quite well ^______^. That is, until he gets to Vancouver. He kind of pauses and looks at the sheet Shindong is holding to jog his memory lol. Awww SuJu, why so faily XD?

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