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Jonghyun’s Chinese

Have you ever listened to a song over and over again only to realise one day they it’s a FANTASTIC song and can’t believe you never used to love it? I can’t say that I’ve listened to Zhang Li Yin’s 交错的爱(Wrongly Given Love) a lot of times, but it finally hit me today just how totally awesome it is. If you’ve never heard it, go and listen to it now right HERE. Zhang Li Yin’s voice is so powerful and in this duet with SHINee’s Jonghyun, it just makes the song sound amazing *______*. I was never into SHINee’s songs, but I think I’m changing my mind. I’ve got nothing against them, but when I first heard their ‘Noona is so pretty (Replay)’, I just didn’t like the style of their music. Thanks to 交错的爱 , I’m definitely going to listen to more SHINee songs ^^.

Gosh, I’m really in love with the song. What makes this song even better is the lyrics. They’re just so…sweet. Actually, not really, but I can’t find any other words to describe them. Take a look at the translation of the lyrics for yourself.

[Jong Hyun] Is it really you? That familiar face before my eyes
I still can’t completely believe it; somehow it seems like an imaginary dream
If this moment is really part of a dream, my heart wouldn’t hurt like this
But I’d rather this be a dream that I’ll never wake up from

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SJ-M: Most Popular Group

Even though SuJu was unable to compete for an award in MKMF this year, SJ-M was able to win ‘The Most Popular Award’ in China’s award ceremony. Congrats to the boys! I think this award must mean a lot to them, especially so since Chinese is not their first language to four of them. Hangeng was unable to attend the ceremony though, most likely due to his drama. The boys performed their song, ‘Me’.

Take a look at their new hair:


Even though I like their hair when it’s long, I’m totally digging the short hair image. SO HOTTT♥♥.

Zhang Li Yin also won the ‘Best Newcommer Award’ and performed the song “Believe in Love”, which will be in her upcoming repackaged album. I absolutely adore this girl’s voice; how can it be so powerful*_____*? Congrats to her as well; SM Ent. JIA YOU~

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