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Eunhyuk singing Hyori’s U Go Girl

As;dlfkjsd;lkfsj, this is just hilarious xD.

I love how Teukie sang the male part in the beginning, but he kind of gave up towards the middle lol. But gosh, Hyukie~♥♥♥ His faily attempt at singing in Hyori’s voice range is too cute! At least he decided to change and sing in his falsetto (? I’m not sure if that’s at you call it) voice half way through, and he sounded more on key xDD.

I don’t know the second song but OMGSHHHH TEUKIE’S FACIAL EXPRESSIONG AND VOICE WHEN HE SANG “LOVING YOU” IS KILLING ME!!! ADSFKJS;LADK, WHY SO CUTE ANGEL TEUKIE *______*? He almost looks like he’s pouting, or maybe it’s just me lol.


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120608 Ryeowook’s Cyworld Update

^^SJM Fanmeeting ~~!^^
Date: 2008-12-06
zhe ge yue .. you hen duo… hen duo ge you hui


shi hou hao hao wan a~!!~!~!~!

tianqi hen leng ~!~!~ duo chuan yi fu ~!

– 려욱 li xi**

~ ★

This month .. There are a lot… a lot of fan meetings.

When the time comes, be sure to have lots of fun~!!~!~!~!

The weather is very cold ~!~!~ Be sure to wear more clothes ~!

– Ryeowook Li Xu ~ ★

*typo, supposed to be dao, not da
**he made a typo in his Chinese name ^^

Original source:
Chinese translated by: &

AS;DKLFJDS, he’s so cute~! And lol, he typed his name wrong. Tut tut Wookie ^^”. I love it when they type their cyworlds in pinyin, it really shows how much effort they put into learning a new language ♥_____♥.

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Facts about Hankyung

I’m sure it’s become quite obvious now what I’ve been doing from the previous posts. I really should stop with surfing for SuJu member’s interesting facts -___-.

1. Hankyung had always told his fans that he doesn’t like eating snack/ junk food. Once, a few fans watched SJ practice from outside a window, Eeteuk or EunHyuk was lying on the sofa playing a game, and next to him was someone watching cartoons. At first, everyone thought that it was DongHae, after a long time, he turned around. It turned out to be Hankyung. Not only was he eating a lollypop, he was eating it very happily. From then on, no one believed that hannie did not like to eat snack foods.

2. Every time he hears something bad about him, or he makes a mistake, Hankyung would say: “I don’t know, I’m not very good at Korean.” (SJ Fullhouse anyone xD?)

3. Hankyung once said that his CY belonged to everyone, and even gave his passwords to his fans. After causing a riot, a fan asked him “ Hankyung oppa, does the CY still belong to everyone?” With a serious face, Hankyung said “ No, it belongs to Hankyung.”

4. SJ’s new song went onto the music charts, Hankyung was very excited and asked the manager “ Hyung, what was the title of our song?”

5. In July, he had an interview at the KBS building with Cool. Although Cool was late, Hankyung was not there. They called him and he replied that he was still sleeping and asked if it was Wednesday (which it wasn’t). Because HanKyung was not wearing makeup, SM did not allow pictures to be taken. Cool asked why he had not worn makeup, and he replied “ I was just sleeping, who knew that you would come…”


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Interesting facts about Donghae

1. A crybaby, soft hearted and thinks a lot.

2. Keeps his savings in a water dispenser bottle (LOL, does this remind anyone or Yunho? xD)

3. If someone tells him he’s short, he’ll definitely go online and search for ways to grow taller and drinks only milk and soy milk.

4. He’ll turn into a beast if he’s on stage performing ‘U’. When he had eye contact with the members, they thought that his stares were inhumane like.

5. He used to play at the public bath house with his friends, using the bathhouse like a swimming pool, thus making all the ahjusshi’s angry.

6. If he has a girlfriend, he’ll like to give her a tour of his hometown, Mokpo, and let her know the place he grew up in.

7. Before he debuted, he was afraid of taking the aeroplane, so he never went to any of the 3 school trips to Jeju Island during high school.

8. Is sensitive to his surroundings, and so will not be able to fall asleep for the whole night if he is sleeping somewhere other than home. It’s because he feels insecure when he does not see anything familiar to him in the surrounding.

9. He left a message titled “ELF I LOVE YOU” in the fancafe and Sungmin called him and told him he got the title wrong. Hae had typed LOVE as LVOE and he was really embarrassed.

10. When Kibum first came to Korea, Donghae was the 1st person to hug him and welcom him.

11. When he was small, he plaed games with his friend that required them to be divided into groups. Which ever group he was in, they would always lose.

12. He promised his father that he would not drink alcohol under any circumstances.

13. No matter how much he eats, he will not gain fat. Whenever he feels like he has gained a bit of weight, he will exercise, and the first place to slim down is his face.

14. Dislikes pink a lot because opposite his bed is Sungmin’s wardrobe and it’s full of pink clothes, dolls, pillow, bags and shoes.

Credits: *-melon` and carolynx (I’m not sure from where, but I’m assuming it’s from soompi)

LOL at no. 14! I never knew Sungmin was such a pink fanatic.

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Ryeowook Facts

Here’s some basic facts I came across of Wookie which I’m sure everyone knows already, plus some other interesting facts.

Hobbies and interests: Singing, composing music, sleeping and eating
Favourite music: SNSD
Favourite T.V. shows: Winnie the Pooh, Prison Break
Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite food:Kimchi with fried rice
Motto: Try my best in doing everything

Interesting facts

1. Always carries his mobile phone and wallet.
2. Loves to watch Winnie the Pooh and likes to be Christopher Robin.
3. Has a slight fear of hospitals
4. Is the mother figure of SuJu.
5. Is a big fan of SNSD.
6. Is Donghae’s favourite dongsaeng.
7. Likes to wear silk pajamas
8. According to Kangin,”Wookie looks innocent, but he’s really insolent!”

Some of the facts I’ve posted already HERE, so I didn’t type them up again. And I can really see Ryeowook being the ‘mother’ of SuJu; he’s so caring for his hyungs and dongsaengs.

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Kyuhyun: A Whole New World

Since I had Aladdin‘s “AWhole New World” in my head, I decided to rewatch Kyuhyun and Charice’s  duet for the song and gosh, Kyu seemed so happy when he was chosen to sing with Charice. He must have felt so excited to be able to perform on stage again after his accident T______T.

Their performance never ceases to amaze me; their voices just blend so beautifully together. I love how the members were all so into his performance – ahhh, such brotherly love for one another. Super Junior may have many members, but it may actually be a good thing; with so many people in the group, they’ll be more people to care for each other. And for our magnae, he receives the most love of all.

Kyu baby hwaiting! ♥♥♥♥♥

On a side note, I found Teukie’s “Honey World” totally hilarious xDD.

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Fuse Excellent Adventure: Asia Song Festival (DBSK, SHINee, Fahrenheit)

I know I’ve already written up a post about this, but after watching it again, I just couldn’t resist spazzing over it once again. I’ve also found higher quality videos:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Normally I don’t really ‘review’ what I watch, mostly because I’m too lazy xD. This time though, I couldn’t stop my fingers, I was that excited DBSK was on American T.V. ^^”.

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