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SS501 releases teaser!

YongSaeng, KyuJong and HyungJun are releasing their album “Ur Man” today~ November 21st. I’m actually quite late with this news, since they’ve already released a teaser for their title song ‘Ur Man’ two days ago (I’m a bad fan, I know). Take a look at the cover of their album.

SS501('Triple S')

It looks so…bleak. I don’t like the colour of the cover, but I do like the boys I see xP. Well, what I can see of them considering they’re dressed in black, or what appears to be black ><. And does anyone see it this way or is it just me; the way they wrote ‘Ur Man’ looks more like ‘YrMsn’ lol.

A two day late 33 second teaser of ‘Ur Man’. Very HOT. But still dark :(.


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KyuJong is going to be an MC

YAY~~KyuJong’s going to MC MBC’s Dramanet ‘God of Cookery Expedition’. I’ve actually never heard of this variety show before (fail, I know), but apparently it’s hosted by Jung JoonHa, Lee SooGeun and Kim ShiHyung. It introduces different restaurants each week and I guess they talk about food? lol, I’m good I know XD. KyuJong will be appearing on for the first time on November 21st. He stated that “I really really wanted to join this. I am usually gluttonous so I had always thought how good it is to be the MC for this program whenever I watch it”. LOLOLOL! I hope someone subs this show; I want to see KyuJong EAT!

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Triple S

The boys are coming back!! Yongsaeng, Kyujong and HyungJun will be releasing an album on the 21st November. The album consists of seven songs which are said to be a different style to that of SS501. As the album includes songs which are composed and written by the members, it will show that idol singers are not just pretty people without talent. Take a look at their new image:


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