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Super Junior M Easy Magazine Interview

Q1: The first album had very good sales, are there plans for a new album?
Group: The plans for the second album haven’t been confirmed, because Super Junior will release their new album in Korea in March or April of next year, so the activities will have to be completed before preparing for M’s chinese album.

Q2: Recently, are there any plans for activities?
Group: We’ve received some invitations to award shows, and we want to hold some fanmeets in China.

Q3: Super Junior’s coming to Shanghai for a concert, what sort of exciting performance has M prepared for the night?
Group: We’ve preparing some surprising things, but it’s a secret, everyone will find out when they come to the concert.

Q4: Ever since the group debuted, you’ve spent long periods of time in China, Is there a difference in your initial and current impressions of China?
Group: Before [we] came to China, we had good feelings about it. Hangeng often told us about China, so [we] had a sense of familiarity. Are we came to China, the fans were all supportive, and at night we’d go out to see the scenery, which we felt was very pretty. Now we spend more time in China than Korea, so coming to China feels like we’re coming to our second home.

Q5. During this period of expanding in China, what was the thing that left SJ-M with the deepest impression?
Zhoumi: The other members have done activities in Korea, but I and Henry are new members, the fans were meeting us for the first time. Regardless of whether it was at the dormitory, at the airport or at activity venues, there would always be many fans there to see us. Regardless of their concern towards us individually or towards M, they gave us a lot of love, and this point makes me feel especially touched.

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120608 Ryeowook’s Cyworld Update

^^SJM Fanmeeting ~~!^^
Date: 2008-12-06
zhe ge yue .. you hen duo… hen duo ge you hui


shi hou hao hao wan a~!!~!~!~!

tianqi hen leng ~!~!~ duo chuan yi fu ~!

– 려욱 li xi**

~ ★

This month .. There are a lot… a lot of fan meetings.

When the time comes, be sure to have lots of fun~!!~!~!~!

The weather is very cold ~!~!~ Be sure to wear more clothes ~!

– Ryeowook Li Xu ~ ★

*typo, supposed to be dao, not da
**he made a typo in his Chinese name ^^

Original source:
Chinese translated by: &

AS;DKLFJDS, he’s so cute~! And lol, he typed his name wrong. Tut tut Wookie ^^”. I love it when they type their cyworlds in pinyin, it really shows how much effort they put into learning a new language ♥_____♥.

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SJ-M: Most Popular Group

Even though SuJu was unable to compete for an award in MKMF this year, SJ-M was able to win ‘The Most Popular Award’ in China’s award ceremony. Congrats to the boys! I think this award must mean a lot to them, especially so since Chinese is not their first language to four of them. Hangeng was unable to attend the ceremony though, most likely due to his drama. The boys performed their song, ‘Me’.

Take a look at their new hair:


Even though I like their hair when it’s long, I’m totally digging the short hair image. SO HOTTT♥♥.

Zhang Li Yin also won the ‘Best Newcommer Award’ and performed the song “Believe in Love”, which will be in her upcoming repackaged album. I absolutely adore this girl’s voice; how can it be so powerful*_____*? Congrats to her as well; SM Ent. JIA YOU~

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Super Junior messages

The members of Super Junior M wrote messages to each other, showing their love for the members. Gosh, these messages just makes me love them more and more.

Siwon’s message about Han Geng

You can really see how much Han Geng cares for his dongsangs. Since he nows how hard it is to go to another country and learn a new language, he’s espcially caring =).

Henry’s message about Ryewook

Gosh, Ryeowook is such a caring person *_____*. He’s always putting others before himself. And I love how Henry talks about him cooking for the SJ-M members; ahhh Wookie you’re the chef of Super Junior ^^.

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