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Evidence of Changmin being hit

I found a video of Changmin after he was hit. Actually, there are currently still no videos showing Changmin being hit, but this one shows his reaction afterwards.

It really does seem like he was hit. Poor Changminnie, he really does look hurt. The fans behind look really shocked and the way Changmin reacted looks like someone had hit him on the head. Still, there’s no evidence of who did it, besides fan accounts which cannot be taken too seriously. But then again, I’m starting to wonder whether I’m deluding myself into thinking the girls didn’t do it. Ahhh, now I’m confusing myself. Ok, so in the beginning of the video when Yoochun and Jaejoong can be seen to be looking back, I think that’s when Chinese obscenities were shouted at them. Click HERE for more details. Then when they got outside, Minnie was hit by someone. Gosh I feel so bad for him. He really looked hurt from the way he held and massaged his head. Changmin-ahhh, don’t feel too upset; there’s plenty of people out there who love you ♥♥.


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Regarding Changmin’s ‘anti-fans’

So I’ve been snooping around and now the rumour has changed. Over in Baidu, a fan has reported a possible reason behind the ‘attack’ on Changmin.

我在韩国的姐姐说那两个根本不算是什么在饭,顶多就俩HC,跟《韩流飓风》有点联系,是小编还是什么的...饭过很多韩星 在中只能算是最近的一个,所以说不能算是中仙做得,大家这样想会少纠结一些吧。

结果那俩就在过道上冲神起休息室狂用英语骂人,还骂了出来的经济人。很多仙后倒是都知道这事。我姐说 没想到她们还会追去机场闹事...



“My sister who’s in Korea says that the two girls can’t really be considered Jaejoong’s fans. They’ve liked a bunch of Korean stars, and Jaejoong is just one of the recent ones that they liked, so they aren’t really Jae’s fans.

After the performance (AN: I’m not sure which one they’re talking about), something did occur between them and Jaejoong and Changmin. My sister, who went to the performance, said that while DBSK was offstage, Jaejoong and Changmin went to the bathroom. The bathrooms weren’t locked, so the two girls followed them in. It was the men’s bathroom too. Jaejoong looked angry but didn’t do anything, however, Changmin was very mad. He might have verbally retaliated or scolded them, which is why the girls got angry.

Shortly afterward, the two girls rushed into DBSK’s resting room and cursed at them in English. When their manager ran in, they also started screaming at him. Lots of Cassiopeia (AN: Chinese Cassies only, I would assume) found out about this, but my sister said that she didn’t expect the two girls to pursue DBSK all the way to the airport and cause a scene there.

Once my sister told me this, I checked on the Korean sites for news but nowhere did it say that DBSK was actually hit. But Korean Cassies who were at the airport did upload pictures of the two girls onto CY (AN: I think that’s Cyworld?). Most Korean Cassies don’t know about this (the bathroom incident) yet, only what happened at the airport.”

Credit: cartoongirl7@soompi

So now apparently Changmin was almost hit by a bag (one of those tote bags, I think) by the two girls, but it missed him. The girls are said to be fans of Jaejoong, but some don’t agree, since it’s not been long since they liked him. Not only that, now some people are saying that Changmin was not hit on the head by an anti, some are, so I guess the rumour is still circulating.

Once again, there is NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE to suggest this ever happened. The fan account above is exactly what it is; a fan account. It could actually be made up for all we know. I think there are already enough crazy fans out there who would bash someone just because they don’t like DBSK; we don’t need any more of them thanks.

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Changmin’s anti-fans…?

I’m quite shocked with this account actually. According to AllKpop, Changmin was hit by two Chinese anti-fans on the head at Kimbo Airport. There is pretty much next to no evidence of this occurring, but Cassies have found photos (don’t ask me where, I have no idea) of Changmin holding his head as if he had just been hit. Take a look at these two videos and see for yourself.

This one shows DBSK at Kimbo Airport and a girl yelling in the background.

According to the uploader of the video, she was yelling “你才不得好死,你全家不得好死!” which translates to “Why don’t you and your family go die?” I’m not sure if the translation is correct, since my Chinese is not too great to begin with, but if I translate literally, it actually says “You deserve to die, your family deserves to die!”, which I guess is what the uploader translated anyway. But I always like things to be translated as literally as possible, since it just helps people who want to learn the language to have an easier time.

The second video is just a few photos put together, showing ‘evidence’ of Changmin being hit.

I really can’t say there’s any ‘evidence’ of this happening, but I guess fangirls have their sources.

I’d just like to say that currently there is absolutely NO CONCRETE EVIDENCE of these anti-fans hitting Changmin so please don’t take this too seriously and start bashing anyone girl who looks remotely like the two shown above.

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DBSK supporting Kangin’s movie!

Both Junsu and Changmin attended the premier of “Soonjung Manhwa”, the movie Kangin participated in. Asd;lfkjds, DBSJ love♥♥. Wow, they have time on their hands to watch movies? Not that I’m complaining; the boys need rest =). And if it involves supporting fellow donsaengs, then all the better!

Junsu + Changmin

They’re looking good *_______*. Changmin is looking so..manly and I love the coat and scarf♥. Junsu button up your shirt, you’ll catch a cold XDD. Wait, never mind, you look too sexy the way you’re wearing the shirt. They’re both dressed all in black though…hmm coincidence?

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Changmin Enthroned as TVXQ’s Casanova

DBSK’s Changmin was singled out as the Casanova of the group.

On MBC’s ‘Come To Play’ broadcast on October 27th, Changmin ranked first place when Jaejoong surveyed it’s members when asked “Which person is most like casanova among Dong Bang Shin Gi?”

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DBSK’s First Kiss!

OH MY GOSH I FEEL SO PROUD OF THEM ^________^. I don’t know why though. The boys talk about the first kiss they had and LOL they prefer ‘ordinary’ girls over the celebrities they work with =). Cassiopians, you have a chance~

Thanks so much to oOo Kes oOo for translating.

TVXQ’s members, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin announced, they’ve already had a first kiss after debut!

Shim Changmin said, he had a first kiss with his girlfriend after his debut. He went out with friends on that day. While his girlfriend was washing dishes, he was paring the fruits. And after she finished doing dished, they kissed.

Kim Junsu also said, he had his first kiss when he was 20. Because of his fame, he could meet his girlfriend just 3 days from 100 days. She came to his house with a cake. Then, they went out together, and kissed at the parking lot stairs. He cried after that because he couldn’t do anything for her.

Next is Park Yoochun, he said, that day he went out with friends. And when all left him with a girl which wasn’t his girlfriend yet, he said to her “if our lips touch, I’ll know you’re my girl”. Then, they kissed.

They’re working with many beautiful celebrities. So they want the ordinary girls to be their girlfriends.

These stories will be told in Nolruwa TV Talk Show, which will on-air in this coming up week.

Haha, our Changminnie isn’t as innocent as we thought ^____^

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