Fuse Excellent Adventure: Asia Song Festival (DBSK, SHINee, Fahrenheit)

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I know I’ve already written up a post about this, but after watching it again, I just couldn’t resist spazzing over it once again. I’ve also found higher quality videos:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Normally I don’t really ‘review’ what I watch, mostly because I’m too lazy xD. This time though, I couldn’t stop my fingers, I was that excited DBSK was on American T.V. ^^”.

The beginning shows the hordes of fans Kpop idols have and how crazy and noisy and enthusiastic they are. I loved the part where Nate is standing with an ‘ahjusshii‘ and saying he’s a fan of DBSK as well, which I highly doubt. Most of the 800,000 Cassiopians in Korea alone are girls, and most are in their teens or twenties. I like how they showed SHINee’s “Love like Oxygen” performance with Nate being enthusiastic at their performance, to the point where he learnt a dance part of the song. And WOW, THE BOYS SEEM TO BE REALLY TALL. Either that, or Nate is quite short xD.

They then wander around some stalls where Nate eats KOREAN chilli food and almost dies lol. They look at the merchandise available for fans and even I was surprised by some of them. Key chains with celebrities’ face on it is ok, but SOCKS? Geez, who would want their face on some person’s foot O_____O?

Anyway, back to the Asia Song Festival. SNSD’s performance was shown, where you can see Nate being quite excited and asking whether they were “over 18” or not. He was surprised with the number of membes in a group, and I guess nine members is quite a bit. If only Super Junior had been there; THIRTEEN members will definitely amaze him. Fahrenheit’s performance was shown as well, which I guess they put in since 1. they’re becoming quite a hit themselves within Asia, and 2. it is the Asia Song Festival afterall; they can’t only focus on Kpop artists xD. And then FINALLY THEY SHOWED DBSK ^^. Their performance was great as always, but the best part was when Nate was learning their “Mirotic” dance. ‘Da Sexy Chin’ dance, as he calls it, is AWESOME. That’s the best part of their dance for me. And rofl, the ‘Scrambled Leg’ dance? I loved how Yunho was ‘showing off’ his dance skills and Nate’s just like O______O can you go a tad slower please? I’m kind of disappointed that Yoochun didn’t speak; I thought his English was alright, what with growing up in Virginia and all. Oh well, can’t complain since DBSK WAS ON AMERICAN T.V XDD.


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